Brian Betzler Memorial Scholarship Award

Penn State ScholarshipGiven in memory of Brian Betzler by George Betzler Jr., Father, and George Betzler Sr., Grandfather.


Full-time junior and senior students enrolled in the Pennsylvania State University School of Arts and Architecture School of Visual Arts. The student must be enrolled full-time for fall semester of the previous year or the spring or summer semester of the year the award is presented.


Students who have exhibited some exemplary artistic achievement.


This award may be divided among more than one student. All monies are applied directly to tuition payments.


  1. Each applicant will present a slide portfolio of no more than 20 slides, 35 mm format, in a plastic slide sheet. Slides must be labeled with artists name, date of work and listing of materials when relevant.
  2. Resume, list exhibitions and related accomplishments.
  3. Current academic transcript.
  4. Letter of recommendation from a School of Visual Arts faculty member.

A complete application packet may be hand delivered to the Art Education Office, 207 Arts Cottage, or sent to Penn State, Art Education Office, 207 Arts Cottage, University Park, PA 16802, ATTN: Scholarship Committee. Letters of recommendation may be sent under separate cover.

Further Information

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